Giants-Packers: Clearing Lambeau Field

The Packers had no shortage of folks willing to pitch in with snow removal at Lambeau Field. Courtesy of the Packers

How excited are Green Bay residents for the postseason's return to Titletown? A line of locals wrapped around Lambeau Field early Friday morning in response to the Green Bay Packers' traditional request for assistance in shoveling snow from the bleachers.

Qualified candidates receive $10 per hour to ensure the stadium is ready for the 70,000-plus who will descend for Sunday's divisional playoff game against the New York Giants. The Green Bay area received about four inches of snow Thursday, but the skies are expected to be clear for the weekend.

Although this is a paid exercise, many of you took pains Friday morning to set me straight on the motivations of many who turned out. Wrote @KCousineau09: "It's not about the money. … I have a friend that makes nearly 6 figures that took the day off to go shovel at Lambeau Field."

Meanwhile, @sauve24 wrote that he once earned $16 at Lambeau, walked across Oneida St. and blew it all at Buffalo Wild Wings. Clearly, there are worse ways to spend a Friday.

The photograph in this post, courtesy of the Packers, shows the line extending along the west side of the stadium. The entrance for shovelers was on the south side.