'Discount Double Check' trilogy complete

The question has been asked before. Is Aaron Rodgers the next Peyton Manning? As it turns out, Rodgers isn't just making a run at Manning's place in NFL history. He also wants a piece of Manning's commercial success.

A third version of Rodgers' "Discount Double Check" commercials will appear this weekend. Formally known as "State of Imitation," the ads feature Rodgers as the straight man, first against actors and then Packers defensive lineman B.J. Raji. The latest version, embedded below, includes linebacker Clay Matthews.

Speaking this week on his ESPN 540 radio show, Rodgers said hosting "Saturday Night Live" -- which Manning did in 2007 -- is a possibility as well.

"I like to be selective," Rodgers said. "My time is important to me. These are fun to do but it is like a work day. You're going over lines, you're changing outfits, you're rehearsing. It's not like you’re just kind of hanging out. You want it to be good. I want it to be good. I want it to come out funny and to make sure that I'm representing myself well and the company I'm working with. So I want it to be really good.

"That being said, being compared to Peyton, that's a high compliment because I think he’s hilarious and I think his ads have been incredible. 'Saturday Night Live,' which has shown some interest in me doing it, his performance was incredible I thought on 'Saturday Night Live.' Tough to match."

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