NFL Any Era: Aaron Rodgers

Hall of Famer Joe Namath and Aaron Rodgers could scheme against defenses. MATCHUP GALLERY ESPN.com Illustration

In four seasons as the Green Bay Packers' starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers has missed two starts. One was the result of a concussion, and the other a coaching decision in Week 17 of 2011. Otherwise, Rodgers has started 62 of a possible 64 games, winning a Super Bowl and (likely) an MVP award along the way.

That resume was enough for ESPN.com's panel of 20 Hall of Fame players to make him a member of the "Any Era" team that has been rolling out this week. Here is a sampling of their comments:


"Aaron Rodgers has the ability to recognize and run an operation and run a team. You aren't talking only about physical toughness. You're talking about mental toughness with him, and he is mentally tough."


"Aaron Rodgers is the epitome of tough mentally and physically. He can handle the hits, but mental toughness is something more important."

In the video below, Hall of Fame receiver James Lofton said Rodgers' willingness to wait his turn in Green Bay behind Brett Favre, and the way he used his three years as a backup, makes him in Any Era player. "That's what quarterbacks used to have to do," Lofton said. "You used to draft a quarterback and you'd let them marinate a couple years."