Brandon Marshall on reuniting with Cutler

Here's what we know:

  • Brandon Marshall caught 206 passes in two full seasons when paired with quarterback Jay Cutler in Denver.

  • Cutler's current team, the Chicago Bears, has an obvious need for a big, downfield receiver.

  • Marshall's current team, the Miami Dolphins, recently hired a new head coach, an event that sometimes augurs unexpected personnel moves.

  • During a Twitter exchange earlier this month, Cutler indicated he would be thrilled to play with Marshall again.

Are those circumstantial pieces of evidence enough to start discussing the possibility that Marshall and Cutler could join forces this season with the Bears? I'm thinking it's a long shot, mostly because Marshall is under contract with the Dolphins for three more years and his new coach, Joe Philbin, comes from an offensive background and probably doesn't want to empty the Dolphins' cupboard.

Still, it's worth listening to Marshall's interview Wednesday with ESPN 1000 in Chicago. Marshall acknowledged he is "pretty much locked up" in Miami but didn't hide his affection for Cutler nor his confidence in their continued chemistry.

"It's hard to find that and sometimes it's once in a lifetime," Marshall said, "…when you take two guys and put them on the field together and they have that chemistry, that's what's almost impossible to find. I can't explain it. That's why I said it's almost painful to think about.

"We'll line up there and we'll get a coverage and he will just look at me and I'll know exactly where he wants to adjust my route. You don't find that. It got to a point where coaches, they didn't know what we were doing so we'll install a whole play and they'll give us a play on the front side and put me on the back side and they'll tell us just do what you all do and just make it work. We had a lot of freedom in our offense, and we made it work and chemistry was great. It was something special."