NFL Any Era: Charles Woodson

Could Charles Woodson in his prime stop Hall of Famer Jerry Rice in his? MATCHUP GALLERY ESPN.com Illustration

Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson is the sixth and final member of the NFC North to be added to ESPN.com's Any Era team, determined by a panel of 20 Hall of Fame players. A sampling of their thoughts:


"Charles Woodson isn't a hardass, but he's tough. He would have had an even better nose back when we played. It wasn't a game of inches back then as much as it is today. He would've been in the middle, picking off passes. I just like to watch him play."


"Let’s give Charles Woodson some love. I like the way he plays. Not only is he great at larceny, but he can tackle too. He tackles and he'll come up and hit you. He's not defined by the corners today, who think their only responsibility is to cover wide receivers. He can hit somebody, too."