Cris Carter isn't a Zip Line guy

Zip Line Challenge (3:01)

ESPN athletes take on ESPN anchors in the Super Bowl XLVI zip line race. (3:01)

For a variety of reasons, former Minnesota Vikings receiver Cris Carter, currently an ESPN analyst, gets his share of attention on this blog. He has been a voice of reason in wild discussions about receiver Randy Moss, an annual point of debate for Pro Football Hall of Fame balloting and has gotten under the skin of Detroit Lions fans far and wide -- even their owner -- by questioning the elite status of receiver Calvin Johnson. You know I like the guy, think he has some important things to say and, more than anything, admire his ability to entertain himself by antagonizing you. But what goes around comes around, and for that reason I offer up Carter's aborted attempt to ride a four-story Zip Line over downtown Indianapolis, site of Super Bowl XLVI.