BBAO: Impact of Duerson family lawsuit

We're Black and Blue All Over:

INDIANAPOLIS -- The first day of the NFL scouting combine was a whirlwind of interviews, minor news updates and unexpected dustups that only a year-round football fan could appreciate. We covered a ton of ground on the blog but there is plenty more to catch up on in our morning post, starting with the lawsuit filed by the family of former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson.

In essence, the lawsuit claims that the NFL didn't do enough to protect Duerson from and educate him about the brain injuries that ultimately led to his suicide last year. Duerson's son, Tregg, said: "If they knowingly failed to inform and implement proper safety concussion procedures, then their indifference was the epitome of injustice."

More than 600 former players are currently suing the league in concussion-related cases, but as Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune points out, Duerson's family has the added evidence of a brain study that demonstrated he had a condition brought on by multiple concussions. The mounting legal cases against the league might be the single biggest challenge it faces going forward.

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