ChatWrap: Phil Emery's free agency style

Tuesday's SportsNation chat had two themes. One was the ongoing bounty story surrounding the New Orleans Saints, and by association the Minnesota Vikings. The other was the possibility of the Chicago Bears pursuing — and securing — free agent receiver Vincent Jackson.

We've said enough about the former. On the Jackson and the Bears, I fell in line with what Michael C. Wright of ESPNChicago.com posted earlier Tuesday. The Bears have the cap space to make Jackson a lucrative offer, but the wild card is the blank slate of new general manager Phil Emery.

The relevant exchanges:

Tearloch (Hartford, CT)

Kevin, so what are the chances of the Bears finally giving Jay Cutler a legit weapon at WR? VJax? [Marques] Colston? High draft pick?

Kevin Seifert (2:11 PM)

I think they'll get somebody. They have to. VJax is going to be very expensive and highly sought after. The big problem is we just don't know what Emery's style will be. Comparisons to Ted Thompson don't suggest he will be wild in free agency.

David (Atlanta)

Aren't V-Jax and [Colston] too old to give the big-time multi-year deals that they will be seeking? Both will cross over into the 30s after the 2012 season. Neither seems like a long-term solution, right?

Kevin Seifert (2:26 PM)

Conditioning and health will go into it, but in the end this is a passing league and anyone who can elevate it significantly for a team will be highly valued.

Smeagol (fishing)

So you think Emery will go for more second tier, lower priced free agents than a big name (or two)?

Kevin Seifert (2:38 PM)

Truly would be a guess. He has been part of front offices that have been big spenders, and he has also been exposed to the other side of that. But his reputation is relatively conservative.