Marshall accuser pursuing criminal charges

As we noted earlier, new Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall is expressing complete confidence that he will be exonerated from allegations that he punched a woman during an incident Sunday morning outside a New York City nightclub. We should also note that the woman who has accused him, Christin Myles, is not backing off her story.

Myles gave an interview this week to the New York Daily News and allowed photographs to be taken of her bruised and bloodied left eye. She said she wants Marshall "held criminally accountable for what he did to me" and spoke for 45 minutes with police detectives.

Myles said that Marshall was swinging at anyone within reach, according to the Daily News. Myles' attorney, Stanford Rubenstein, said Marshall "hauled back and punched her in the face, hitting her eye and causing her to be violently thrown to the ground."

Marshall's attorney has said that Marshal was not involved in the fight, and that he was trying to get his wife out of the club after she was hit by a bottle.

There's no sense trying to read between the lines or figure out what happened based on two competing stories. Ultimately, this is in the hands of the New York City police. Marshall said Friday that they have not requested to speak to him.