#FreeStanton a success

We did it!


Drew Stanton is free!

Perhaps you've noted my obnoxious posting and tweeting about Stanton, the longtime Detroit Lions backup quarterback who signed last week with the New York Jets to be their No. 2 quarterback. Those plans changed quickly when the Jets acquired Tim Tebow this week, and we all had fun with the "campaign" to get Stanton out of New York and to a team where he would be the No. 2.

The Jets complied Friday by trading Stanton to the Indianapolis Colts, according to the Jets' official Twitter account. Stanton won't necessarily be in a position to play, considering the Colts' plan to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, but at least he'll be only once-removed from the starting job rather than twice.

For our next trick, I say we shoot for #nachosonthehouse. Or maybe #cheeseburgersforeveryone. Thoughts?