Dancing with Driver: We're getting there

Donald Driver and partner Peta Murgatroyd will be dancing the Argentine tango on Monday. Adam Taylor/Getty Images

Dorothy of Memphis has a request: "Isn't it about time for a Dancing with Driver watch? Donald is representing the Packers and NFL well this season, and it looks like he has a chance to make it to the end. Any chance you'll give him a shout out for all of us die-hard Packer (and DD) fans?"

Well, Dorothy, we are in the middle of one of our busiest 12 months of the season. Offseason conditioning began at NFC North facilities Monday. The 2012 schedule is set to be revealed soon, possibly this week. And a little thing we call the draft will open April 26, whether we're ready or not.

I suppose, however, that we can squeeze in a little time for something that has interested enough Green Bay Packers fans that phone lines have literally been jammed by those trying to vote for Donald Driver to advance on "Dancing With the Stars." A new round of competition begins Monday night, and we should at least recognize that Driver has impressed judges with his emotion and passion.

I'm not committing to a show-by-show breakdown quite yet. I'm going to approach "DWTS" much like most of us look at the NBA. When the playoffs start, I'll get interested. Now I just need to figure out when the "DWTS" playoffs begin.