Gruden Camp: Kirk Cousins

I'm continuing to pass along every clip of Jon Gruden's QB Camp, for those of you who are hoping your team drafts a developmental quarterback, and also knowing some of you will take a special interest in the individuals involved. Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins probably falls into both categories.

In the clip, Cousins and Gruden discuss fade passes in the red zone -- both on film and on the practice field -- and discuss Cousins' title as a "natural leader." Sometimes that description is a euphemism for "can't play," but in this case I think it's genuine. Here's what Cousins said about leadership at the professional level:

"A quarterback is a quarterback. You've got to be a leader. You can't step down. If you're a natural leader and you have an idea of the dynamic in that relationship and how to handle it right, I think you'll be able to handle it OK."

The full version of Cousins' visit will debut on ESPNU at 5 p.m. ET.