BBAO: Would Bears draft Quinton Coples?

We're Black and Blue All Over:

We've discussed the possibility of North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples falling out of the top 10 of the NFL draft and perhaps being available to the Chicago Bears at No. 19 overall. Coples is one of the top athletic talents available, and drafting him would presumably be a coup for the Bears.

Or would it?

In a mailbag column, Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune suggests the Bears could and should pass on Coples for the same reason other teams might: His reported work ethic questions.

Pompei: "I think Coples will fall out of the top 10, and I think he will fall out of the top 20. And he should. Coples is similar to [Julius] Peppers athletically, but it's an insult to Peppers to say Coples plays like him. Peppers plays hard. Coples does not. … Personally, I would never take a player who has been labeled an underachiever or a dog early in the draft. With a first-round pick, I want a player who is going to raise the level of intensity on my team, not one who is going to lower it."

Something to keep in mind with the draft a day away.

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