BBAO: The first round beckons

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Happy (first) Draft Day! We're getting a bit of a late start Thursday because this day isn't really going to end for about 60 hours or so, when the final pick of the 2012 draft is made late Saturday afternoon. It'll be a blur, but the best kind of blur, if you know what I mean. (And yes, Twitter followers, the overnight break did in fact include an unexpected but most appreciated viewing of "Weekend at Bernie's.")

You probably have guessed this, but my plan is to cover Thursday night's first round from the Minnesota Vikings' draft headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. So there will be a Vikings focus Thursday night, but that should be expected when a team has the No. 3 overall pick (at least for now). Rest assured we will account for the first-round picks of all four NFC North teams in a substantive way before the evening is complete.

I'll have some final thoughts to post as we await the 8 p.m. ET first pick, but for now let's take a mid-morning spin around the division: