Polian pursues a 'trade' for Vikings at No. 3

This "NFL Live" video is actually really cool. From a faux Minnesota Vikings draft room, we watch a former general manager (Bill Polian) and a former head coach (Herman Edwards) take us through last-minute efforts to trade out of the Vikings' No. 3 overall pick. ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay plays the role of a personnel evaluator who provides insight on who might be left on the board if they trade back.

It's clear that Polian believes the ideal trade would be with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who own the No. 5 overall pick and thus would require only two steps back. Other interested teams are the Miami Dolphins at No. 8 and the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 11.

For those who have been asking what the Vikings could get in return for trading back, all three teams make initial offers of a first-round swap plus an additional third-round pick. I won't spoil how it all works out, but both Polian and Edwards pursue deal "sweeteners" in each case.

There is no doubt the Vikings will be making similar efforts Thursday night. Other teams, including the Cleveland Browns at No. 4, could get involved. But for all this discussion we've had on who the Vikings might draft at No. 3, this trade process is their best-case scenario.