NFL post-draft Power Rankings: NFC North

ESPN.com's post-draft Power Rankings didn't yield massive changes, and the NFC North remains the second-highest rated division after the NFC East. But for what it's worth, the draft led our committee of power rankers (of which I am not a member) to give a slight nudge down to a pair of our teams.

The details:

3. Green Bay Packers

Trending: No change from March

Comment: Last season's Super Bowl participants, the New York Giants and New England Patriots, are the only teams our committee deemed more powerful.

9. Detroit Lions

Trending: Down two from March

Comment: Guess not everyone agreed with the decision to draft Oklahoma receiver Ryan Broyles, huh?

11. Chicago Bears

Trending: Down one from March

Comment: What? An undersized defensive end as a first-round pick didn't excite anyone? (For what it's worth, Shea McClellin perfectly fits the profile that defensive line coach Rod Marinelli seeks.)

31. Minnesota Vikings

Trending: No change from March

Comment: Only the overhauled Indianapolis Colts rank lower.