Vikings stadium: On to Senate

It's a bit late for this old-timer, so I'll do my best to type this post with no factual errors and a minimum of typos. Let's review what you should know about Monday's activities on the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives:

  • The Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill was approved by a vote of 73-58.

  • The bill moves on to the Minnesota Senate for debate and a vote, possibly as early as Tuesday.

  • A number of amendments were debated and several adopted during debate that began at 3 p.m. ET and continued until about 11:30 p.m. ET. The most significant: The state's share of the $975 million deal was lowered from $398 million to $293 million. The extra $105 million was added to the Vikings' share, raising it from $427 million to $532 million. Like everything else in the bill, that change is subject to negotiation. It seems unlikely that the Vikings would agree to raise their share by that much, if at all.

  • If the Senate approves its version of the bill, a House-Senate conference committee would form to create a single bill that would be sent back to both floors for final approval before sending to Gov. Mark Dayton later this week.

We'll stick to our strategy of avoiding predictions. It goes almost without saying that the relatively comfortable margin in the House bodes well for its continued success in the Senate, but politics can change in a hurry. One thing is for certain: I haven't watched this much public access TV since "UHF." Good night everyone. I'll be here all week.