Vikings stadium: Senate still going at it

OK, I'm calling it for the night.

The Minnesota state Senate is approaching its 10th hour of discussion on dozens of proposed amendments to its version of the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill. There is no end in sight, and I've made the executive decision against the diminishing value of a live reaction post whenever the bill is voted on, presumably sometime in the middle of the night.

If you want to check for results, our ESPN news desk is manned for 24 hours and will update the news story on our NFL index page. I'll be back Wednesday morning to discuss whatever news might have happened overnight.

I will say that as I sign off, stadium supporters have just won an important tug-of-war over the issue of user fees. The Senate originally approved an amendment that would include user fees on all things bought in and around the stadium to help fund the project. The Vikings were adamantly opposed because it would cut into their revenues and likely would have killed the bill. The Senate then held a re-vote on the matter, removed the amendment and left proceeds of electronic pull-tab games as the sole source of the state's funding portion. But the user-fee issue is important to many lawmakers, and it wouldn't be surprising if it worked its way back into the conversation in some way.

If the Senate approves the bill overnight, it will next go to a conference committee later this week to reconcile it with the version the House of Representatives passed Monday. By law, the state legislature has two more working days in its 2012 session before it must adjourn.