Ranking Lovie's salary among coaches

As we catch up on this week's news and events after some rare May travel, it's worth pointing out Forbes Magazine's annual rankings of the highest-paid coaches in professional sports.

The top 10 includes eight NFL coaches and two from the NBA. One NFC North name is on the list and I wonder if a second should be as well.

As we've said many times, coaching salaries are among the NFL's best-kept secrets. Forbes' estimates are based on media reports and its own investigating, but ultimately the only people who know the numbers usually are the coach, the coach's agent, the owner and whoever handles the team's payroll and finances. That's a relatively short list of people with firsthand knowledge.

With that said, Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith is the country's sixth-highest paid professional coach with a $6 million annual salary, according to Forbes. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy isn't listed on a chart that bottoms out at an annual salary of $5.5 million per season.

But as we discussed last March, there were reliable reports that McCarthy's post Super Bowl contract extension totaled $32.25 million over five years. That's an average of $6.45 million, which would leave him trailing only four NFL coaches on this list. (The New Orleans Saints' Sean Payton isn't listed because he won't receive most of his $7 million salary due to a year-long suspension.)