Your turn: Feedback on blog operations

I spent a good part of this week reviewing not only the past year on this blog but also some of our daily and weekly events that have become routine over time. I have some thoughts and ideas, but first I want to hear from you.

As NFC East readers did earlier this week for colleague Dan Graziano, I want your unvarnished take on what you like about this blog, what you don't like and how you want it to change and evolve. I can't guarantee any particular tweak, but this is certainly the time of year to consider them.

Use the comments section or the mailbag, and don't worry about hurting my feelings, which clearly has never been a concern for most of you in the past. A few points to get your brains moving:

How important is the early-morning BBAO post? I initially conceived it to simulate the traditional act of reading the newspaper and catching up on news first thing. Nowadays, however, the news cycle isn't the same. Newspapers post stories on their sites all day long, as do Internet-only organizations. So does it matter if BBAO is posted in the morning, afternoon or evening? Or do you need it at all?

Has "Have at It" run its course? During the season, we try to have a weekly debate post on a topical NFC North issue. Some weeks are stronger than others, and toward the end of last season participation fell off. Are you bored with it or ready to attack it for another season?

Should we freshen up the "Free Head Exam?" I like the idea of reviewing games on Monday, but is there is a different way to do it?

What would you like to see from ESPN Stats & Information? We added playing time this year to the reams of data I can filter out for you. In previous years, you've seemed particularly receptive to blitz percentages, air yards and drops, among other categories. What other details can I mine for you?

Is there anything we can do together during games? My general sense is that if you're connected to the Internet during games, it's to check fantasy stats. Is there anything we can do on the blog to run parallel to that?

What, if anything, should we be doing on social media that we aren't already? We're relatively fluent in Twitter and Facebook. Are the interaction levels good enough? More? Less? Do many of you go to Google+? I have a Google+ account but don't really know what it's for. You're not going to make me do Pinterest, are you?

Those are just a few quick points to get the juices flowing. Let me know what you think, if you are in fact thinking here on a Friday afternoon.