Marshall: 'We'll have a chance to win it'

On Friday, we gave you a look at the sartorial splendor of Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall during the time he spent at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn. Now let's look at some of the bold talk Marshall presented during his various appearances.

In the video cut of his time on "First Take," we hear Marshall say: "Honestly I think we can not only make it to the Super Bowl but I think we'll have a chance to win it."

And during his appearance on "NFL Live," Marshall offered this assessment of the NFC North when asked what the Bears need to do to keep up with the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions: "I look at it the other way. You have to pay respect to the Packers because they won the division, but those teams don't have a defense like we do. On the offensive side of the ball, we know what we have in Matt Forte and Jay Cutler, and adding me to the passing game -- and opening up other alleys for Devin Hester and Earl [Bennett] -- it's just going to make our offense and our team that much better. But what we have that they don't have is that defense."

Do we really have to wait four more months for the season to start????