Poll: What should the Lions do?

I've spent (almost) enough time this week on the Detroit Lions' recent off-field issues. We've noted how ridiculous the conversation has been in the context of the NFL calendar, recognized the Lions' acceptance of a problem and questioned general manager Martin Mayhew's refusal to part with his policy of remaining in the background.

Now it's your turn to push this story forward.

What, if anything, should the Lions do after six incidents involving their 2011 draft class in the past five months? Vote in the poll embedded in this post. Space is limited in voting module, so let's make sure you understand the options. Should the Lions:

Release defensive lineman Nick Fairley, receiver Titus Young or running back Mikel Leshoure? Offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath would be a too-easy target, especially since he committed the first offense (paying a marijuana citation) and has remained on the roster.

Institute a zero-tolerance policy for off-field mistakes? In other words, the next player to have one gets released.

Reinforce the mentor role with the Lions' team leaders, from defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch to receiver Nate Burleson to defensive tackle Corey Williams? Is it fair to expect those veterans to police the off-field behavior of their teammates?

Hope for maturity? This might be the Lions' most realistic option, as difficult as it might be to stomach.

Go to it.

Earlier: This week, our friends at SportsNation found that 59 percent of 17,159 respondents agree the Lions have replaced the Cincinnati Bengals as the NFL's most dysfunctional team.