Packers: Backup QB plan

Assessing the Green Bay Packers' backup QB situation if Aaron Rodgers is injured and misses time.

Green Bay has Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman behind Rodgers. That is a far cry from having Matt Flynn, and frankly, they should be keeping their eyes open for another option before training camp starts. Of course, neither of these guys is anywhere near Rodgers’ class, but the drop-off in Green Bay is about as drastic as with any team in the league. While I am not a fan of Harrell, who has yet to start an NFL game and has underwhelming tools, I do applaud the late-round draft choice of Coleman. Coleman very well could develop into a high-end No. 2 quarterback. Even though he's making a very difficult transition to the NFL from a small college, Coleman certainly could pass Harrell on Green Bay’s depth chart. But for now, the cupboard behind the league’s best player is quite bare. Clearly the best thing Green Bay does is throw the football. That would be compromised a great deal without Rodgers. The Packers have more weapons than they know what to do with, but just one quarterback.

Confidence rating (out of 100) if Rodgers is out for an extended period: 10.