Paging the Packers defense

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

MINNEAPOLIS -- Brett Favre will get all kinds of credit for the Vikings’ most recent drive, one in which he threw 25 yards to tight end Jeff Dugan and then 31 yards to receiver Bernard Berrian for a touchdown.

But let’s call a spade a spade: That was a horrendous two-play showing from the Packers defense.

I wish I had timed how long Favre had to throw before he found Dugan, the Vikings’ third-string tight end, running deep across the middle. It was at least three times as much as he should have. It seemed Favre could have stayed in the pocket all day. UPDATE: ESPN timed it at 7.34 seconds.

No one from the Packers pass rush made it more than two yards upfield. ESPN replays showed the Packers’ best pass rusher, Aaron Kampman, standing harmlessly in coverage.

On the touchdown, it’s pretty clear that cornerback Al Harris thought he was getting safety help from newcomer Derrick Martin. Immediately after Berrian made the catch, Harris went running over to Martin -- whom the Packers acquired a week before the regular season began. He started Monday for the second time this season.

Again, I won’t take anything away from Favre on what is rapidly becoming a legendary night for him. But he didn’t face much resistance on that drive.