Percy Harvin: 'See u at Mankato'

In between Twitter outages, Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin implied he won't take the dramatic step he suggested earlier this week of staging a training camp holdout. Shortly after participating in the Vikings' final practice of the offseason, Harvin sent out this tweet:

"Mankato" refers to Mankato, Minn., where the Vikings will kick off training camp July 26.

To be sure, Harvin's bizarre behavior this week -- surprising the team by announcing he was unhappy, asking for a trade, bolting mandatory minicamp and then returning less than 24 hours later -- were the source of the "crazy reports." But coach Leslie Frazier told reporters that the episode "should be behind us" and that "we're moving forward."

Harvin is so unpredictable and volatile that part of me wonders if he really is as enraged as he portrayed himself on Tuesday. For all we know, he just had a bad day. Consider it a cautionary tale for a player who is still only 24 years old.