Adrian Peterson's version of story emerging

Already, evidence is stacking up to suggest that Adrian Peterson isn't looking to make his arrest over the weekend go away quickly and quietly. Peterson has hired high-profile attorney Rusty Hardin, and his father has now offered the first official glimpse into his version of the events of early Saturday morning at a Houston nightclub.

In an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Nelson Peterson said his son did not push an off-duty police officer at bar closing time, as alleged by the Houston police department. The officer was "very disrespectful" to Adrian Peterson, according to his father, and used "vulgar language." Finally, Nelson Peterson said his son suffered a black eye after falling during the scuffle.

Nelson Peterson did not witness the incident, but speaks to his son regularly.

As we discussed Monday, Peterson could be highly motivated to wipe his slate completely clean of this incident, even if it is only a misdemeanor under Texas law. He has a pristine off-the-field reputation as one of the NFL's most marketable athletes, but he also has a very personal reason for doing so as well.

Nelson Peterson was sentenced to 10 years in prison when Adrian was 13.

"He knows that his actions affect him and his kids also," said Nelson Peterson. He added: "Adrian is kind of frustrated because he's the kind of guy who's tried to do the right things in society and he cares about being a high-character guy. He has a 9-year-old daughter, so he doesn't want her hearing in the news about how he's being perceived."

Stand back. This thing is just getting started.