Ryan Kalil's 'foolish' guarantee reverberates

Ryan Kalil's guarantee of a Super Bowl victory for the Carolina Panthers offered the perfect NFL media frenzy. Training camps are just about to open, optimism is at its peak in every market and fans are ripe for the kind of polar debate it generates.

Don't assume, however, that these things reverberate only among fans and media. Whether they admit it or not, other players notice as well. Among them was Green Bay Packers left guard T.J. Lang, who plays for a team that harbors legitimate Super Bowl aspirations as well. Here's what Lang tweeted after Kalil's infamous newspaper advertisement was published:

Land didn't mention Kalil by name, but it's safe to make that leap. Regardless, the point is well-taken. Kalil is one of only 53 players who will be on the Panthers' final roster. He alone can't control whether his team wins a championship. And that's exactly why you probably won't hear such a guarantee from the Packers as they open training camp Thursday.

I'm all for Kalil expressing his opinion and supporting newspapers through advertising while he is at it. So are ESPN's NFL analysts in the video accompanying this post. But I think it's fair to say that plenty of NFL players became first-time readers of the Charlotte Observer this week.

Related: Yes, if you weren't aware, Kalil is the older brother of Minnesota Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil. (We'll see if Matt proves as colorful Ryan.)