BBAO: Can't predict Nick Fairley discipline

We're Black and Blue All Over:

If nothing else, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's visit to Detroit on Thursday served as reminder to stop making predictions for when the Detroit Lions might lose defensive tackle Nick Fairley to a league suspension.

Goodell disputed the suggestions that he always waits for the legal process to play out before making a decision, "particularly if there's a pattern of behavior," Goodell said. Fairley was arrested twice during the offseason in his hometown, but legal delays have pushed the hearing for one incident into November.

For all we know, the league has already suspended Fairley but hasn't announced it because the appeal process is still active. All we can say is that Fairley seems likely to miss some time, but whether the suspension starts in Week 1, Week 10 or in the 2013 season, we have no idea.

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