The Huddle: Defending NFC North honor

Three And Out (6:21)

Dan Graziano, Ashley Fox, and Kevin Seifert discuss the NFC North, Chad Johnson, and which rookie quarterback impressed the most in their 1st preseason start. (6:21)

By all means, please do check out ESPN.com's latest video feature. We call it "The Huddle," and each week we'll run through some league-wide topics led by NFC East sherpa Dan Graziano. I got invited to the party Tuesday to reiterate my scandalous suggestion that three NFC North teams could make the playoffs. (As you know from the previous post, I also agree with Ashley Fox's concerns about the Bears.) I also got to weigh in on Chad Johnson's legacy as a receiver/person, as well as the short-term futures of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. (Which means I got to make up answers about players in other divisions instead of just in the NFC North.)