ChatWrap: Predicting high-end success

Tuesday's SportsNation chat brought an interesting question from Nick of Wisconsin, one that didn't lend itself to an immediate answer. I managed to fend it off but am curious about your thoughts.

Nick asked what was more likely to happen in 2012:

  1. The Chicago Bears field a top-5 offense.

  2. The Green Bay Packers produce a top-5 defense.

  3. The Minnesota Vikings win eight games.

  4. The Detroit Lions make the NFC Championship Game.

Wow. Each option probably represents the high end of achievement for the teams. For consistency's sake, we should assume that a top-5 ranking in offense or defense is based on the NFL definition of total yards.

The Packers' defense would be faced with the biggest leap, having finished No. 32 in total yardage allowed last season. (The Bears' offense ranked No. 24 in total yards.)

Your blog feedback this spring indicated the "Have at It" feature has run its course and should be given a quiet farewell. From time to time, however, I'll still introduce a topic and follow up on it if necessary. So we'll see if a consensus emerges on this one. Have fun.