ESPN The Mag: Calvin Johnson photo shoot

ESPN The Mag: Calvin Johnson (3:09)

ESPN The Magazine talks with Calvin Johnson about the upcoming 2012 season and being the bad guy. (3:09)

Perhaps you heard that Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson graces the cover of ESPN The Magazine's 2012 NFL preview. The video offers some snippets of the photo shoot, and an interview that centers on opponents' fear of the biggest receiver in football.

"I want the defense to fear me," Johnson says. "That's kind of cool that I got the name 'Megatron' because he is the bad guy. I like to be the bad guy to the defense."

Asked what he's thinking when he sees the defender(s) lined up to cover him, Johnson said: "There is no way he's going to stop me from getting where I need to be. It's funny. I had my teammates say that to me the other day: 'Man, you're an imposing figure out there. When you line up, people can tell you're not going to be stopped."

That's about as bold as you're going to see or hear Calvin Johnson get in public. Enjoy.