Inside Slant: More CB-WR discussion

Mike Sando and I were recording this week's Inside Slant podcast at the same time news broke of the NFL's decision to move forward with replacement officials. So we were able to provide some analysis and context amid our league-wide discussion.

I reiterated my primary concern: Replacements have made glaring mistakes of rule knowledge and application during preseason games. I could live with mistake of judgment, such as questionable pass interference calls or non-calls, because even the league's veteran officials make those. But having games officiating by people who haven't absorbed the NFL's sizable and complicated rule book is scary and bound to impact the result of a game.

The podcast also included discussion of this week's column on the efforts of NFL cornerbacks to minimize their height disadvantage. We touched on the rules that Dez Bryant has apparently accepted from the Dallas Cowboys, revisited the top of the 2009 draft and expanded on what Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said about playing on artificial surfaces.