Saving a touchdown in St. Louis

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

ST. LOUIS -- A pair of Minnesota defensive backs just came through with some skillful plays to save a touchdown on another St. Louis drive that turned up nothing in the red zone.

(That makes three scoreless trips inside the 10-yard line, if you’re a Rams fan and are keeping track.)

  1. Safety Tyrell Johnson made a diving deflection of a deep pass intended for receiver Keenan Burton, who was wide open streaking down the left side of the field.

  2. Nickelback Benny Sapp knocked down a pass in the end zone intended for receiver Donnie Avery.

  3. Johnson intercepted Kyle Boller’s fourth-down pass in the end zone, ending the threat and preserving Minnesota’s 24-3 lead.

The Rams have had their opportunities here Sunday afternoon, but it appears they’re not going to capitalize on them. Unless something dramatic happens, I’ll be back with you shortly after the game.