Rapid Reaction: Colts 18, Vikings 15

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert MINNEAPOLIS -- This is what happens when you only have half an offense:

Your best player runs for 118 yards in the first half.

Your passing game can't keep the defense honest, and eventually your opponent stacks enough men on the line of scrimmage to stop your best player.

You take a lead with five field goals and a dominating defense, but the All-Pro quarterback you're facing digs into the deficit with three big pass plays.

Want to know how Minnesota squandered a 15-0 lead at home and lost 18-15 to the Indianapolis Colts? Quite simply, the Colts ignored quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and the Vikings' passing game. They devoted their entire focus to stopping Adrian Peterson in the second half. And quarterback Peyton Manning -- clearly still recovering from summer knee surgery -- connected on three big pass plays.

The final play -- a 20-yard pass to receiver Reggie Wayne -- put Adam Vinatieri in position to kick a 47-yard field goal with three seconds left.

We'll bring you much more later. But as we alluded to during the game, this one had the feel of a game that could slip away at the end. Well, it did, and the Vikings are 0-2 for the first time since 2005.