Blogger Blitz: Jay Cutler's audibles

One of the obvious takeaways from the Chicago Bears' entrance into the regular season was lost amid a mild distraction. Here's the headline: Suddenly, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has as much authority to change plays at the line of scrimmage as any quarterback in the NFL.

Cutler made headlines by imploring fans at Soldier Field to quiet down in the red zone, but as I discussed in this week's Blogger Blitz video, you can excuse Bears fans for not being accustomed to such a turn of events. After two years in Mike Martz's no-audible offense, Cutler estimated he either changed the play or something about the original called play "50-60 percent" of the time against the Indianapolis Colts. It's fair to assume a similar number for Thursday night's game against the Green Bay Packers.

"It's hard for an offensive coordinator to dial up each and every play, and it's going to be a perfect defense," Cutler said this week on his ESPN 1000 radio show. "It's hard to do. It's almost impossible to do.

"Every once in awhile he's going to dial one up. [Offensive coordinator Mike Tice] dialed up the touchdown pass to Alshon [Jeffery]. That was straight-up his call. Great call, perfect call. We got the perfect coverage, and it worked. Most of the time there has to be some little adjustments by players, and that's what we get paid to do."