Brett Favre: 'You just kind of get over it'

Mike Tirico's Monday Night Football podcast featured an interview with former NFC North quarterback Brett Favre, who has started his second full year of NFL retirement as the offensive coordinator at Oak Grove (Miss.) High School. (Connection: Thursday was the 20th anniversary of the game that Favre took over as the Green Bay Packers quarterback, and those Packers will play the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night.)

Favre spent about 25 minutes speaking with Tirico about his life in retirement and what has become a paradoxical existence. He said "I haven't missed" the game but acknowledged: "The thing that just keeps ringing over and over is how quickly it goes by."

Favre laughed when Tirico asked if he will some day have a metaphorical group hug with the Packers, from whom he divorced five years ago.

"We don't need to shake hands and move on," Favre said. "I think in some ways that has happened. … Even though it's a shame the way things went down between I and the Packers, as time goes by, it's like a grudge … you just kind of get over it, you know?"

The discussion also touched on Favre's assessment of his performance as an assistant coach -- "I would like to say pretty good," he said, -- and his take on the tumultuous week of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Favre was relaxed and engaging, and the podcast is worth a listen. Favre's segment begins at about the 15-minute mark.