Mike Tice: Jay Cutler and I 'are good'

Let's allow Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice to have the final word on last Monday's sideline scene with quarterback Jay Cutler.

As you know, Cutler twice walked away from Tice after the Bears failed to convert a third-and-1 situation in the second quarter of an eventual 34-18 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. My sense is that most of the public is now desensitized to Cutler's more-than-occasional boorish behavior, and on Wednesday, Tice offered no indication during a news conference that it bothered him, either.

Tice said he was "really angry" that the Bears had failed on the conversion and had already told Cutler as much when he got to the bench.

"At a certain point," Tice said of his own words to Cutler, "probably enough was enough."

Tice added: "Jay and I are good. I really admired his play the other night. I really admire how he's bought in. It's an emotional game. Sometimes I'm sure we all wish we could handle some things differently. Not to say that he should have handled that differently, but it's an emotional game. Jay and I are fine.

"I wish they would have got the clip at the end of the game where he smacked me on the rear end. They didn't show that one. I wish they would have shown that one. And I smacked him back."

I don't think anyone expected Tice would offer a different public reaction. He said the only thing he could say as the offensive coordinator for a team with a quarterback who just had one of the best games of his career. Moving on. ...