Blogger Blitz: Stacking wins vs. AFC South

If the NFC North is going to push for two or maybe three playoff spots this season, it's going to have to make some serious hay against its presumably less-competitive AFC South opponents. (At least, against the non-Houston Texans teams.) Week 5 would be an excellent time for that movement to begin.

So far, the NFC North is 2-2 against the Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Week 2, and the Titans handed the Detroit Lions an overtime loss in Week 3.

This weekend, the Lions have a bye and the rest of our teams face one of those AFC South opponents. As I note in this week's Blogger Blitz, all three NFC North teams should expect to win this season if they're going to capitalize on what would appear to be a softer non-conference schedule.