Power rankings: Your safe vote leader

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Yes! According to my NFC West colleague Mike Sando, I had the fewest number of "high-low" votes among all of ESPN.com's power rankers. That means, if you hadn't figured it out in previous weeks, I tend to play it pretty safe. You'll get no bulletin-board material from me -- this week or any other -- when it comes to the weekly power rankings.

On a (mostly) serious note, one interesting way to look at the voting is to eliminate the highest and lowest rankings and then establish a range from the other 10 voters. When you perform that exercise in the NFC North, you'll find there is general agreement on Green Bay and Detroit but a significant disparity of thought on Detroit and Minnesota:

Take a look:


  • Ranking: No. 4

  • My vote: No. 5

  • 10-vote range: 3-6.


  • Ranking: No. 15

  • My vote: No. 16

  • 10-vote range: 13-21


  • Ranking: No. 29

  • My vote: No. 29

  • 10-vote range: 29-30


  • Ranking: No. 20

  • My vote: No. 20

  • 10-vote range: 17-23