Halftime: Vikings 13, Titans 0

MINNEAPOLIS -- A few thoughts at halftime from the Metrodome, where the Vikings lead 13-0:

  • The Vikings have had a notable advantage throughout this game, and the halftime score probably underestimates the difference between these teams. The Vikings have outgained the Tennessee Titans 226 yards to 87 and have 14 first downs to the Titans' five. The Titans' defense really hasn't done much to force the Vikings from their recent offensive rhythm, and the Vikings' defense has swarmed the Titans' weak offense.

  • The Vikings lost out on one scoring opportunity when quarterback Christian Ponder threw his first interception of the season on his 144th attempt. Ponder has been playing well but also had been charmed in the first half The Titans had dropped two earlier interception opportunities. Among other passes, Ponder had his longest completion of the season, a 45-yard go route down the left side line to receiver Percy Harvin.

  • I still haven't been able to figure out which official safety Harrison Smith was ejected for shoving, but we've got it narrowed down to either back judge Steve Freeman or umpire Jeff Rice. Thanks for your Twitter responses on that issue. To this point, the Titans haven't exposed rookie backup Robert Blanton.

  • Tailback Adrian Peterson has a 22-yard run among his 10 carries but wasn't on the field late in the second quarter. If he has an injury, it hasn't been announced. The same goes for receiver Jerome Simpson, who hasn't played much in the first half and has been flexing his left leg on the sideline.