Inside Slant: Lambeau Field as tough venue

Mike Sando and I spent a portion of this week's Inside Slant podcast discussing the ESPN Hot Read on the NFL's toughest road venues. Lambeau Field ranked No. 3 on the list, in part because the Packers are tied with the most home victories in the NFL since 1990.

Our task on the podcast is, as Mike has coined it, to "challenge the narrative." So among other things, we pointed out that the Packers have also been a pretty good team on the road over that stretch, with a winning percentage of about .500. Sometimes, the stadiums can be difficult to play in because of the quality of the home team.

And it's worth pointing out that Lambeau hasn't been overly friendly to the home team during recent postseason, a time when you would think its advantage would be maximized. The Packers are 2-4 in their past six playoff games at Lambeau. To be sure, Lambeau Field is a great football stadium. Is it the reason the Packers have been so successful over the past two decades? That's a more difficult question than it might seem.

The podcast also includes a leaguewide extrapolation of the issues we've discussed with the passing games of the Packers and Detroit Lions -- namely, their issues with the running game.