NFC North Week 6 Quarterback Report

Let's take a look at quarterback play in the NFC North during Week 6. Remember, Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears had their bye.

Aaron Rodgers

Week 6 passer rating: 133.9

Week 6 QBR: 95.8

Action plays: 44

Comment: Rodgers became the fifth player in NFL history to meet these standards during a regular-season game: At least 330 yards, six touchdown passes and no interceptions. He played angry after taking to heart some public and media criticism of his play. Just as important, he took only two sacks from the Houston Texans' fearsome pass rush.

Christian Ponder

Week 6 passer rating: 83.2

Week 6 QBR: 37.3

Action plays: 66

Comment: QBR helps us see past Ponder's big yardage total (352 yards) and decent completion percentage (67.3). This was unquestionably Ponder's worst outing of the year, one that included three turnovers and limited success on three red zone possessions in the first quarter. He now has four interceptions in his last two games after throwing none in his first four.

Matthew Stafford

Week 6 passer rating: 69.8

Week 6 QBR: 50.2

Action plays: 15

Comment: Stafford misfired on 14 of 21 throws through three quarters. But after the start of the fourth quarter, he completed 15-of-24 for 220 yards while leading the Lions to a total of four scores (two touchdowns, two field goals). His late-game heroics, the seventh fourth-quarter/overtime victory of his career, forced a surge in his QBR even though he completed fewer than 50 percent of his passes for the game. Of his early misfires, including an overthrow in the red zone of tight end Tony Scheffler, Stafford said: "I can't tell you how many throws I missed by a total of six inches probably."