NFC North Week 7 Quarterback Report: 1.0

Half of our NFC North quarterbacks were in action Sunday, which I think is enough for the first of a two-part Quarterback Report. Don't you?

Aaron Rodgers

Passer rating: 133.2

QBR: 95.5

Action plays: 44

Comment: Rodgers has now posted QBRs of at least 95 in consecutive games, the fourth NFL quarterback to do that over the past five seasons. He is the only one to do it in two road games. Sunday, Rodgers threw only seven incompletions. At least one was a drop and another was a ball he spiked. In his past four games, he has thrown 16 touchdown passes and two interceptions. That's a season for some players.

Christian Ponder

Passer rating: 35.5

QBR: 18.4

Action plays: 27

Comment: Only one other time in Vikings history has a quarterback thrown at least 17 passes, completed fewer than nine and grossed as little as 58 yards, as Ponder did Sunday. (Gary Cuozzo, 5-21-53 in 1970, also in victory.) That was a different era, of course. But in this instance, at least, Ponder had a poor game against a good defense but didn't impact the outcome of the game, as indicated by his low number of impact plays. Moving forward, it's fair to ask if the Vikings can continue winning if he doesn't even out his performance.