Jay Cutler pops up after 'vicious' Suh hit*

CHICAGO -- Things just got a little more interesting here at Soldier Field. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler took what ESPN analyst Jon Gruden called "one of the most vicious hits I've seen in a long time" but missed only one snap before returning to the game.

*Update: Cutler is now in the locker room, presumably getting examined, here at the end of the second quarter.

Cutler landed hard on his right shoulder at the end of a takedown sack by Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who fell on top of him as well. Cutler rolled over and lay on the ground for several moments before popping up and jogging off to the sideline. Backup Jason Campbell replaced Cutler for one play, but Cutler returned to throw an incomplete pass on third down.

The hit was vicious, but from the initial viewing, there was nothing illegal about it. Suh's role in the play no doubt will make the hit a required highlight for the next few days, as will Cutler's well-chronicled history with toughness. But in the end, it appears there was no harm and no foul.