NFC North Week 9 Quarterback Report

Let's take a look at the performance of NFC North quarterbacks in Week 9. This edition owes thanks to ESPN Stats Analyst Jacob Nitzberg, who put some customized information at our disposal:

Jay Cutler

Passer rating: 138.1

QBR: 59.0

Action plays: 35

Comment: Cutler was the first to admit that the Bears' defense and special teams set up the offense to be successful later in Sunday's romp over the Tennessee Titans. Cutler had three completions in the first quarter for 18 yards and yet the Bears still had a 28-2 lead. That's why his QBR is so much lower than his passer rating; most of Cutler's production came after the Bears had established a huge lead. In the end, however, Cutler has won 11 of his past 12 starts.

Aaron Rodgers

Passer rating: 96.9

QBR: 81.7

Action plays: 39

Comment: Although he completed less than 50 percent of his passes for only the fourth game in his career, Rodgers made some key plays that sparked both his passer rating and QBR. He threw a total of four touchdown passes, two of which came in building a 21-7 halftime lead. Both traveled at least 15 yards in the air. Meanwhile, his second-quarter recovery of a James Starks fumble prevented the Arizona Cardinals from gaining possession at the Packers' 32-yard line.

Matthew Stafford

Passer rating: 93.6

QBR: 92.4

Action plays: 36

Comment: Stafford picked up on third down where he left off last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Sunday, Stafford completed 7 of 9 passes on third down in the first half, all of which converted first downs. Overall in the game, Stafford completed 9 of 12 attempts on third down. In his past two games, Stafford has completed 23 of 27 attempts on third down.

Christian Ponder

Passer rating: 37.3

QBR: 11.1

Action plays: 32

Comment: This game set back downfield passing by decades. Ponder's longest completion was 14 yards, to receiver Jerome Simpson, and Ponder completed only two passes that traveled more than 5 YARDS past the line of scrimmage. Meanwhile, three of his four sacks came on third down.