Questioning Charles Tillman? Watch this

Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman tweeted Thursday morning that his wife will give birth Monday, allowing him to play in Sunday night's showdown against the Houston Texans. Tillman obviously can't know that with 100 percent certainty. But regardless, I find it stunning that he so much as feels compelled to defend against the possibility that he could miss the game if his wife, Jackie, goes into labor Sunday.

The birth of a child might not rank as a top priority for every person, but Tillman is to be lauded for his position no matter how unlikely the scenario might be. And I wonder if anyone who thinks otherwise is fully aware of Tillman's family history, told in this compelling video from last December by ESPN's Rachel Nichols. As most of you probably know, Tillman's daughter Tiana needed a heart transplant to survive her first year of life.

Tillman's experience reminds us all that parents aren't guaranteed a day with their children, let alone a lifetime. A job means nothing in comparison. Work or usher your child into the world? Hmm. Tough decision.