HarvinWatch: Still a significant limp

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Injuries are a such a conspiracy-laced part of the NFL that all related reports merit some sort of caveat. I'll go with this one: Crazy and unexpected things happen in this league every week.

And that's what would have to happen, it seems, for Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin (ankle) to play Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Harvin emerged briefly from the Vikings' training room Thursday during the media's locker-room access, and his slow, halting limp hardly resembled the gait of a player who is three days away from playing in a professional football game. For lack of a better description, he looked like someone who needs to be on crutches but doesn't want to be.

On Monday, Harvin said he was a long shot to play. However, coach Leslie Frazier said Wednesday that he hoped to see him practice Friday. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave reiterated that point Thursday.

I can't say for sure that Harvin won't give it a go Friday, but unless he was putting on an act for the assembled reporters, it appears he truly is a long, long shot to play Sunday. That's as definitive as I can be at this point.