Guessing on Packers' faith in Mason Crosby

DETROIT -- We all just saw the Green Bay Packers pass up a 49-yard field goal (indoors) in favor of going for it on fourth-and-4 at the Detroit Lions' 31-yard line.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers' pass to receiver Randall Cobb fell incomplete, but here's the real question: Do the Packers have that little trust in place-kicker Mason Crosby, who struggled before the Packers' bye week? Or was it a comment on their presumed matchup against the Lions' injury-plagued secondary?

I'm going to side with the former. While I recognize the Lions have some personnel issues, the Packers had been having a tough time with the Lions' pass rush on that drive. Holding penalties by right tackle T.J. Lang and left guard Evan Dietrich-Smith should haven given the Packers an inordinate level of confidence that they would convert.

Crosby has converted five of his last 10 attempts.