'Compromising position' for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers took issue with Nick Fairley's near body slam of the Packers quarterback. Leon Halip/Getty Images

I didn't notice it watching the game live at Ford Field, but in the midst of his career-best game, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley stopped just short of body-slamming Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the third quarter of the Packers' 24-20 victory.

As it turns out, Rodgers was angered by the attempt and let Fairley know as much during the game.

The play occurred on third down at the end of the Packers' opening possession of the second half. Rodgers stepped up in the pocket and Fairley stripped the ball at the Packers' 8-yard line. The ball bounced forward to the 12-yard line, and as Rodgers grasped for it, Fairley grabbed him around the waist, lifted him and began to slam him before letting up.

After center Jeff Saturday recovered the ball, Rodgers had words with Fairley before Lions cornerback Drayton Florence stepped in between them.

"I got the ball knocked out of my hands," Rodgers said Tuesday evening on his ESPN 540 radio show. "The ball is in front of me about five yards. I can't move. Somebody's got a hold of me. Next thing I know, I'm up in the air about to be slammed down, again five yards away from the ball, and [Fairley] slightly pulled off there. Who knows what the impact would have done. [It's a] compromising position when you're up in the air and he's got you like that."

Fairley saved himself a penalty by letting up before Rodgers hit the ground, but that didn't minimize Rodgers' reaction. He wouldn't detail the conversation other than to say he wouldn't want it heard on the radio. Apparently, though, it was a one-sided talk.

"I can say that trying to have a conversation with him, you're not going to get very far," Rodgers said.

According to Rodgers, Lions defensive end Cliff Avril pulled a similar move during the team's Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field. Regardless, we'll keep this one filed until the teams' Dec. 9 rematch at Lambeau Field.