Adrian Peterson on managing contact

A hearty Week 12 good morning to each and all of you. We're less than two hours away from the NFC North's early game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears, and I wanted to pass along Cris Carter's conversation with Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson.

Peterson repeated that he was determined to "be better than I was before" when he returned from his knee injury. What I thought was most interesting was a rare admission that Peterson is conscious of taking meaningless contact.

"There's different situations that might come up in the game," Peterson said. "Third-and-8, you got four guys pursuing me, I can go out of bounds on that play. Third-and-3, and I got to grind it and stick it up in there, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

In his younger days, Peterson sought contact on every play. His new approach seems sound to me.